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VIDEO – Threadworms: The Deadly Intestinal Parasite

Here’s the story of a doctor that has been battling threadworms living in his intestines for most of his life. The parasites were, reportedly, living in his small bowel for approximately 60 years and caused them to swell up to twice its original size.

As a result of the parasitic infection, the doctor was experiencing alot of negative health symptoms that were interfering with his everyday life. Threadworms are one parasite you don’t want to take lightly. Threadworms live inside the lining of the intestines of a human host, and can survive there for many years. You could experience many symptoms, but in worst case scenarios, threadworms can do serious damage to the human host, including major tissue damage, acute respiratory failure and/or death.

Treatment Options for Threadworms

If you think you are infected with threadworms, it would be wise to go see your doctor or a gastroentrologist immediately. They will most likely give you a prescription. If you are looking for an all-natural remedy for threadworms, you should try doing a parasite cleanse at home. There are many herbs that can help kill off intestinal worms. Be sure to do the proper research on all products and quality of herbs in them. Try to get organically-grown herbs if possible.

Parasite Cleansing Supplement

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