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5 Steps for Parasite Removal

Removing Parasites

In order to relieve the symptoms of a parasitic infection, it is essential to completely remove the parasites from the body. Any medication or nutritional supplement that aims to treat the parasitic infection without removing the parasites will be unsuccessful.

Rather, here are five comprehensive steps that will help you remove parasites from your body so you can get on with your life. These include cleansing the system, modifying the diet, administering supplements to kill the parasites in all of their life stages, reintroducing healthy bacteria to the digestive system with a high quality probiotic supplement, and making the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent re-infection from the same type of organisms.

Step 1) Cleansing the System to Help Remove Parasites

Most parasites entrench themselves within the various organs of the body, especially within the intestinal tract. Therefore, in order to get rid of these harmful organisms, it is essential to cleanse the system of mucus and waste that may be surrounding the parasites.

There are several herbal cleansers that can be used to detoxify your digestive system. Common ingredients in these herbal cleansing supplements include comfrey root, agar-agar, flax seeds, psyllium husks, alginate, beet root, citrus pectin, papaya extract, and bentonite clay. It is important to remember to drink lots of purified water while taking these types of cleansing products.

One of the most common side effects of these cleansing herbs include constipation and bowel impaction. This happens when you don’t drink enough water. Any sort of impaction inside your digestive system will only help these types of intestinal worms thrive.

There are also several ready made colon cleansing products on the market that may help. These products usually incorporate one of the herbal ingredients mentioned above in their formula. It is important to know the source and quality of the herbs used in any dietary supplement. Be sure to do the proper research, and follow the dosage and cleansing instructions carefully. Bottom-line, there are many different types of cleansing programs, so do your research on the best colon cleanse.

Home enemas and professional colonic irrigation are two more good methods for cleansing the system and parasite removal. A colonic irrigation is typically performed in a doctor’s office. It involves flushing the entire length of the large intestinal with a lukewarm water solution. This procedure may take up to 45 minutes to dislodge and remove toxins throughout the intestinal tract. Home enemas are the do-it-yourself version of the colonic irrigation. Ingredients such as garlic, vinegar, and blackstrap molasses can be added to the home enema to increase its effectiveness.

Eating Wise to Help Remove Parasites

Step 2) Modifying The Diet

There are very few studies that explain the exact relationship between parasites and nutrition. However, it is pretty safe to assume that a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables will increase your immune system and your defenses against intestinal parasites, because of all the nutrients contained in the fruit.

In addition, since it is well documented that these types of organisms thrive on sugar and carbohydrates, it may be a good idea to limit your intake of simple-carbohydrates such as refined sugar, enriched white flour, and processed foods. It is especially important to avoid eating sushi and other undercooked fish (and pork). While sushi has deep roots in many cultures, it is also one of the most common sources of infection from the food we eat.

Step 3) Taking a Parasite Removal Supplement

There are several dietary and herbal remedies that can be utilized to help remove parasites in every stage of their life cycle. If you think you may be infected with some sort of intestinal or stomach parasite, it would be wise to take an herbal cleansing designed to flush out these types of organisms.

There are many ingredients included in these herbal cleansing supplements. Some of these incredients include black walnut hull, wormwood, clove, kamala, just to name a few. There are other herbs that can help flush out these organisms, so consult your local herbalist or specialist to help recommend a particular herb. At some stores, you can buy these herbs in bulk and add them to your smoothies for at-home cleansing methods. However, it is easier for most people to just do a parasite cleanse.

Step 4) Reintroduction of Healthy Bacteria

With all of the steps you have taken to cleanse the digestive system and remove parasites, it is now essential to reintroduce healthy bacteria to your intestinal tract. Healthy bacteria usually occurs naturally in the digestive system, but some cleansing herbs will remove the healthy bacteria, along with the harmful parasites.

Probiotics will help to detoxify your digestive system, maintain the proper chemical balance, and act as natural antibiotic against harmful bacteria and yeast organisms. The recolonization of the digestive tract with friendly flora will help protect the body against future parasitic infections, as well as the development of other yeast, bacterial, and fungal related disorders. There are many probiotic supplements that can be used to help maintain a healthy digestive system, as well as guard against further disorders.

Step 5) Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Reinfection

This is a proactive do-it-yourself step. Make it a point to learn everything you can about the risk factors for developing a parasitic infection. If possible, try to determine the cause of your infection, and then make the necessary changes to avoid further problems. If it is not possible or practical for you to determine the source of your parasitic infection, take the steps necessary to avoid re-infection. Properly cooking food, frequently washing hands, disinfecting water supplies, and limiting contact with pet feces are all good ways to reduce your exposure to parasites.

If you are planning a trip abroad, look into the food hygiene, sewage, and water treatment standards of the area you will be visiting. Contact the Center for Disease Control to learn about the regional disease that can be found at your destination. If there is a possibility of parasitic infection, be sure to stay away from unfiltered water, uncooked fruits and vegetables, and undercooked meats. Take the appropriate steps to protect yourself. Parasite removal should be practiced on a daily basis, and if you are infected, you should do a parasite cleanse at least 2x every year.

article written by: Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DABFM

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